en el Boccaccio de Munich
Fouquet’s Boccaccio

The most famous and remarkable codex by Boccaccio

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Codex Gigas

The largest, most enigmatic and famous medieval manuscript
that was written by the Devil himself

The Divine Comedy of Alfonso V
of Aragon and Naples

The most beautiful Divine Comedy

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The Rohonczi Codex

The world’s strangest and most undecipherable manuscript
as well as the Voynich Codex

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Collection Bibliothèque Duc de Berry



The Voynich Codex

The world’s strangest and most indecipherable
manuscript as well as codex Rohonczi

De Divina Proportione

The real Da Vinci Code, the perfect work


Secretum Templi


The Holy Grail of manuscripts

At Patrimonio Ediciones, we select
the most important codices and manuscripts in the world and produce fine facsimiles with the best materials and unequalled reproduction quality

Welcome to Patrimonio Ediciones, your exclusive portal to the past through the wonders of artistic reproduction!.
Immerse yourself in the richness of our cultural heritage with the world’s largest selection of fine facsimiles of antique books, medieval and renaissance codices, manuscripts, covering all categories, periods, subjects and religions. Explore our catalogue and discover the magic of reliving history through the pages of fine facsimiles that transcend time. Whether you are a history lover, a passionate collector or someone in search of unique gifts, Patrimonio Ediciones is your destination to experience the beauty and authenticity of the masterpieces of the past.

With us, history comes alive with every page, where the past becomes the present through the mastery of artistic reproduction. Explore, discover and live history with us!

Unrivalled quality of manuscript reproductions

Our reproductions are not just replicas; they are living testaments to master craftsmanship. From the vibrancy of the colours to the exquisite texture, our replicas accurately capture the essence of the originals. At Patrimonio Ediciones, we excel in every detail. We meticulously recreate the authenticity of the masterpieces from the colours and tones to their handcrafted binding.

Fine facsimiles with the highest quality materials

We use materials such as fine gold, parchment, goatskin, exquisite silks and natural silk velvet, not synthetic or cotton. We are the only company in the world that uses real (non-synthetic) gemstones, and we are also the only company in the world to have this certified by laboratory analysis. Ask for the certified laboratory analysis document for gold and its percentage of purity applied to your foils, in addition to the gemmological analysis for gemstones. Immediately after pre-publication, we deliver the fine facsimile together with your volume of commentaries by the most prestigious specialists in the field.

The world’s most extensive selection of fine facsimiles

At Patrimonio Ediciones, we offer the world’s largest collection of fine facsimiles of ancient books and manuscripts in every conceivable category. From Japanese and Hebrew codices to Hindu manuscripts, geometry, architecture and many more, our thematic diversity is unparalleled. Whatever your interest, we are here to satisfy your curiosity with authenticity and detail.

Works illustrated by the Geniuses of Painting

Explore manuscripts illustrated by some of history’s greatest painters, including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Jan van Eyck, Roger van der Weyden, the Limbourg brothers, Jean Fouquet and many others. Each page is a masterpiece in itself, where the magic of illustration comes to life with astonishing fidelity.

National and International Recognition

Over the years, we have been awarded on many occasions with the prestigious National Prize for the Best Edited Fine Facsimile by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. This recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to editorial excellence and historical authenticity. It attests to our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity in every reproduction.

Presentation of the fine facsimile El cantar de Roldán during the official visit of His Majesty the King to Roncesvalles.

At Patrimonio Ediciones, we not only offer reproductions, but authentic experiences that will make you travel through time and art. Discover the greatness of history and art with us, where each page tells a unique story and each fine facsimile is a masterpiece that endures. Explore our collection now and make a fragment of the past yours!

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Certificate of the authenticity of fine gold applied in the folios of our facsimiles and gemological

It is easier to meet the Pope and the President of the USA than to consult and hold in your hands the original of the Torino Prayer Book, Les Très Riches Heures and Les Grandes Heures by the Duke of Berry, The Moralised Bible by the Limbourg brothers, the Codex on the Flight of Birds and De Divina Proportione by Leonardo da Vinci, The Blessed of Saint-Sever, The Treatise on Surgery by Frederick II, The Tarot
Visconti-Sforza, The Divine Comedy of Alfonso V of Aragon and Naples or any of the beautiful and/or enigmatic manuscripts illustrated by the genius painters of his time. Their works of art are exhibited in the most important museums in the world and, after more than 30 years dedicated to the publishing specialisation of making identical replicas of medieval manuscripts and codices, authenticated before a notary by the museums and libraries that hold them, they form part of our varied catalogue of facsimiles of ancient books and manuscripts on different subjects, literature, cultures and religions. Here they are grouped by collection or subject.

Guarantee of Quality.

Each work is subjected to rigorous quality controls and is accompanied by a notarized certificate of its limited edition.mitada.

Easy Payment Options

If you wish, you can purchase your work through convenient monthly payments ranging from 75€/month. Financing is free.

Free Shipping.

You will receive the work approximately 48 hours after receipt of your order.


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Her Royal Majesty Queen Sofía distinguished us by visiting our stand on the occasion of the opening of the 2013 Madrid’s Book Fair.

The King Charles III of England and Queen are presented with a copy of the facsimile of the Beatus of Manchester during their visit to the John Rylands Library.


Real testimonies

The Genealogy of the European Royal Houses it is extremely beautiful and very impressive as a facsimile.  Congratulations to your firm for such an important and very fine publication

Dr. Brian B

Le remitimos Diploma acreditativo correspondiente al Premio a los Libros Mejor Editados. Le felicito sinceramente por este galardón que reconoce el mérito y el buen hacer del trabajo editorial en este país.

Mónica Fernández MuñozSubdirectora General de Promoción del Libro

Conclusión: un rasgo privativo del Beato de Lorvão es el impresionante brillo de los colores amarillo y naranja, que atraen de modo inmediata la atención del espectador.

Profesor Peter K. KleinSobre Beato de Liébana. Códice de Lorvao