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The only company which uses pure gold and true precious stones for its facsimiles of the most beautiful manuscripts in the world

Patrimonio Ediciones is the only company in the world that uses fine gold and authentic gemstones, reason why, we equally are the unique one that credits it by notary through analysis in laboratory. Demand the certified document of laboratory analysis of the gold and its percentage of purity applied in its folios, in addition to the gemological for gemstones. Reject imitations; check our mark on the notarial certificate of authenticity.

Our objective is the investigation of the most remote cultural memory, selecting the most important codices and manuscripts and reproducing them with absolute perfection with respect to the original. Inks, hand-applied gold, parchment, and artisanal and new techniques are brought together to assure that the final work is a faithful reflection of the work of the scriptorium’s artists and monks, with a final result that makes it difficult to distinguish between the original and the facsimile. All our facsimiles are printed using a stochastic screening on hand-made paper supports, getting the texture, etching and curliness of their folios similar to parchment.

We have produced numerous commissioned editions in collaboration with Spanish and foreign institutions and have been honored with national and international awards for “Best Edited Facsimile.”

Each copy is accompanied by a notarized certificate of its limited edition and a profusely illustrated volume of complementary studies, which includes a translation of the text and an art-historical study of its illustrations, created by the most prestigious artists of the era.

Guarantee of Quality.

Each work is subjected to rigorous quality controls and is accompanied by a notarized certificate of its limited edition.

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If you wish, you can purchase your work through convenient monthly payments ranging from 75€/month. Financing is fre

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You will receive the work approximately 48 hours after receipt of your order.

What they say about us …

We received the 3 copies of each on Friday, thank you, and it is magnificent. The Spencer Collection specialist looked at it and was astounded. She said it is almost an exact copy of the original that we have in the collection. Sincerely, Thomas Lisanti Manager, Rights & Permissions, The New York Public Library

Thomas Lisantiabout Esopo Medici

Je vous recommande d’adopter la même technique pour les Grandes Heures que celle utilisée pour les Très Riches Heures. Si vous réaliser ce travail, assurément, vous serez le n°1 mondial en terme de qualité de reproduction.

Gabriel Gsobre Las Muy Ricas Horas del duque de Berry

I just received an E-mail from my colleague Prof. David Wright at Berkeley California telling me that he saw the facsimile of the Ashburnham Pentateuch, in his words: “the best I have ever seen!” Prof. Bezalel Narkiss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Bezalel Narkisssobre Biblia de Tours

Conjuguant la stupeur esthétique et la leçon historique, c’est … le retour des Passages d’outremer, de Sébastien Mamerot, qui fait l’événement. Rebaptisé Une Chronique des croisades, le manuscrit est somptueux.

Le Monde, Parissobre Les Passages d’Oultremer -Historia de las Cruzadas-