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Modern medicine is ready to help any unfortunate person who is faced with the problem of hemorrhoids. But in order to properly follow the treatment, you need to understand what it is and what causes it.

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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anal canal and rectum. It was the result of the transition to upright man, which increased the load on the pelvis. That is why the problem mandy rose talks about her beginnings in wwe online of the development of this disease is so important for women, especially for those planning to bear a child. During pregnancy, the fetus increases pressure on the internal organs, which leads to an increase in the load on the lower body. In this case, the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids in women increases. That is why every woman should remember the need for timely prevention of the disease, and the dissemination of such information in modern society is mandatory.

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Do not be afraid, prevention is simple and completely painless. First, pay attention to the foods that are eaten. Many of your favorite foods can cause bowel problems. Preference should be given to dairy products and various cereals. Of course, you should not exclude other foods, but excessive consumption of junk food can lead not only to the development of hemorrhoids, but buy osteopats horn also to the development of other unpleasant diseases notcias em nutrio esportiva moda emprego muscle. Make or find a set of special exercises that will help strengthen your pelvic muscles. This will significantly reduce the high load on the lower body and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

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As already noted, the disease is especially dangerous for pregnant women, because not only does the risk of hemorrhoids increase, but a complication of an existing disease is also possible. That is why those planning a pregnancy should carefully consider their lifestyle. It is worth remembering that labor is a great stress for the body and a lot of stress for the pelvic area, so the consequences may not be too pleasant. It is especially dangerous to start hemorrhoids to such buy bodybuilding e fitness a stage when surgical intervention is required. It will be much easier to tolerate treatment with medicines, because there may be an additional risk during surgery.

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It should be remembered that any person risks personally suffering a similar disease, therefore it is worth following simple and affordable rules in order to prepare in advance for its development or to completely eliminate such a risk.

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This article was prepared with the support of the site for future and young parents of MaPaPaMa.ru. Coloproctologist Aleksey Savvateev on the site MaPaPaMa.ru spoke in detail about hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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